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FHA Mortgage Leads


The FHA mortgage program was created by the Federal Housing Authority to protect financial institutions like banks, credit unions, as well as private lending companies from borrowers defaulting on their loan. This protection enables financial institutions to lend money with flexible requirements to borrowers with no so perfect credit as well as those who may need to make a smaller downpayment. Mortgage PPC specializes in helping financial institutions, loan originators and brokers generate FHA mortgage leads through targeted Google Ad campaigns. Our niche understanding of the mortgage industry as well as our Mortgage PPC expertise makes us a natural fit for creating your FHA lead generation campaign. For more information on our PPC set-up packages or to set up a free consultation to discuss your FHA lead generation goals click here

Advantages of FHA Mortgage Leads


One of the biggest benefits of FHA Mortgage leads is that you will be able to work with millions of people in the United States get financing for a home knowing your financial institution is protected from default through private mortgage insurance (PMI). Another benefit of this program which makes it attractive to first time homebuyers is the low down payment requirement of 3.5% and the fact family members can gift the money for this. FHA mortgage leads are also great because the borrowers will have relaxed credit requirements making them easier to qualify for.

Disadvantages of FHA Mortgage Leads

If you are a institution, lender or broker who does not want to work with borrowers potentially challenging FICO scores and low down payment needs. If you want the highest commissions, borrowers with savings and perfect credit scores, targeted FHA mortgage leads may not be best suited for you. For 2024 the floor for FHA loans sits at $498,257 while the ceiling in the highest cost areas is increased to $1,149,825. While still very profitable, the leads you may expect from FHA mortgage advertising campaign will likely have not so perfect credit as well as minimal savings. 

Generate FHA Leads with Targeted Ads


We believe FHA mortgage leads are a great option for both new and experienced lenders as millions of people throughout the US are planning to buy a home who need low down payment options and lower credit requirements. With our PPC setups you can get started on generating exclusive FHA mortgage leads through targeted campaigns that were built to maximize your advertising budget as well are target demographic. For more information on our PPC setup packages, other project offerings, or for any other questions, set up a free consultation today.

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